ZFence Firefly Solar Lantern with Citronella Band

ZFence Firefly Solar Lantern with Citronella Band

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Illuminate your life while keeping pesky bugs at bay with this solar lantern. Its firefly-inspired glow offers up to 8 hours of illumination. A new yellow light option attracts fewer bugs at night, plus the green citronella band wrapped around the lid helps repel insects.

Switching to yellow light LED, hold the power button for 2 seconds, and to switch back to white light, hold the button down again for 2 seconds. The detachable snap handle provides easy hanging options, and the watertight twist top locks in place sealing the waterproof storage area. Charging the unit by solar or magnetic USB cable. 

4 light options:

  • low: 25 lumen for 8 hours;
  • bright: 50 lumen for 4 hours;
  • super bright: 100 lumen for 2 hours;
  • flash: 50 lumen for 8+ hours