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Swim Spa vs. Pool

Swim Spa vs. Pool

Hydropool swim spas are an ideal way to provide your family with the luxuries of the spa and the fitness of the swimming pool right in the comfort of your own home. The Hydropool Swim Spas have all of the benefits of a full size pool with less cost, less space, and less maintenance.

  • No need to blast or dig like when building a pool
  • No project waiting list, quick delivery
  • No need for neighborhood approvals, inspections, construction codes
  • Stays clean when you are too busy to use it, it's ready when you are
  • Excellent for second home owners, no need to pay the pool boy.
  • Costs less to maintain
  • Can easily build a deck or surrounding area.
  • Doesn’t take up the whole backyard
  • Includes therapy benefits that a pool doesn’t
  • Excellent for aqua-therapy or rehab
  • Can be placed where a pool never could be
  • With the icommand option,can be controlled from any location.
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