• Winter Power Outages & Your Hot Tub

    As the winter storms approach, you will want to stay informed in case you have a power outage.  Having the correct knowledge can prevent ice damage to your hot tub.
  • Hot Tub Therapy / Health Benefits

    The therapeutic benefits that spa owners enjoy are vast. From physical to emotional, stress relief, alleviating muscle pain to relief for arthritis.  A hot tub can bring your health into focus. 
  • Buying a Hot Tub can be a Tough Decision

    Buying a hot tub can be a hard decision, let us make it easy for you!
  • Vitamin Soak & Aromatherapy

    Replenish the body with vitamin soak, a mixture of healing extracts and vitamins providing physical relief from everyday aches and pains.
  • Floating Fitness

    Aerobic water workouts are some of the best workouts you can do for your body. Benefits of exercising in the pool, hot tub, or swim spa as opposed to on land include:  full body workout, gentle resistance makes it more challenging, water buoyancy provides extra support for muscles and joints, preventing sport injuries.
  • Aroma-what? Aromatherapy.

    Aromatherapy is the use of essences, minerals & herbs to ease the symptoms of emotional stress & anxiety. Some aromatherapy products also help with joint pain, insomnia & energy levels.