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State of Our Backyard - Looking Ahead

State of Our Backyard - Looking Ahead

It's been an incredibly overwhelming year to say the least. It's been so unexpected to watch the difference in industries and which businesses are flourishing and which businesses are  really struggling and just hanging on. It's hard to imagine that "too much business" is a bad thing, but our industry is really struggling to keep up and we wanted to give you an update.

With everyone restricted and at home throughout the country the demand for Outdoor Living products is at an all-time record high. 

We are dealing with many many challenges, as the supply chain changes daily.



Here's how that impacts you:


Special orders:

Our customers who look forward to spring usually order in January or February and are way ahead of the game. Reality is, what we have ordered in October may not arrive until April or June. If you are looking to special order, so that you get the exact style or look you want, you should do that immediately after the first of the year. That goes for those of you who are doing a whole backyard also, do not wait.


Supply and nationwide shortages:

Anything with a cushion is going to be short in supply. Sunbrella is running out of fabric and we are getting discontinued lists weekly. The feedback that we are getting is they are 3 months backlogged on fabric. Plus production time to make your product.


Our cushion manufacturers are having trouble getting enough foam and fill to make the cushions. Combined with the fact that many of their sewers are now sewing masks instead of cushions.


We have been out of hot tubs for over 6 months. The hot tub industry has finally adjusted and is allocating hot tubs in proportion to dealer sales. This has provided us with some tubs trickling in. If you are looking to upgrade or buy a hot tub you will want to get your name on the list now. Call for Sam or click here to send him a direct message.



The minute we saw this happening we started ordering like crazy. I guess it's just what we tend to do.  When others step back we tend to move forward. Our in-stock selection is still great and our spring orders are already beginning to arrive. However, the minute the sun comes out in spring the supply chain will change again with more nationwide shortages. We are diligently trying to keep as much product in stock this year as we can to prevent the delays involved with special ordering. 


We have several companies who have put stop orders on production, and are no longer accepting orders. Their production schedule is filled for the entire year of 2021 already.


This is in no way a doom and gloom post, we are just wanting to be informative so that you are not disappointed when the sun comes out in spring and it's finally time to get outside again! We will continue to jump over all the obstacles that are thrown our way, so that you can create the backyard of your dreams and enjoy friends and family, as it should be.


Stay tuned with what's available and in-stock on our Facebook page and online store.


Cheers, Spring is around the corner!! 

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